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Latkini Summer Cocktail Event in Munich

Event Munich

We organized our first LATKINI Summer Cocktail Event in Munich. It was an amazing night with perfect weather and lovely people! The sun came out for us and brought us good energy! Our beautiful LATKINI staff served us delicious food and drinks we enjoyed by Latin American Beach Sounds mixed up by Separate Sounds Studio.

We chose WINNI BAADER hairdresser in Schwabing as a special location and it couldn’t have been any better. We were so happy to see people laughing and having a good time.


On our LATKINI Summer Cocktail Event we presented our unique Latkini collection from different Latin American designers with so many beautiful handmade details, exclusive prints and vibrant colors. The atmosphere was exciting as people began to arrive to celebrate and cheers for the new LATKINI collection.

It was great to see beautiful and stylish women trying our exclusive bikinis, beach dresses and colorful handmade Chila Bags.


We worked very hard in the last couple of months for the LATKINI dream and it’s something we are very proud to share with friends, followers and clients. This was definitely an amazing start of the summer season in Munich, and we cannot wait to host another cocktail event or a pop-up store soon…

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came along to celebrate with us our LATKINI Summer Cocktail Event… We are always so excited to meet our friends and clients!

Special thanks to EIZBACH for providing their delicious lemonades and making the night super tasty with a flamingo feeling.

Lots of Love,
Cinthya & Canan

Photos by: Renate Forster www.renateforster.de




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